Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making Like Salad...

ONE Veggie at a Time...

I actually stayed INSIDE - *ALL* Day!! -- FATHER was the only One to venture OUT, to get some Fresh Air and a bit of "Chopping" IN... So far, The WEATHER has been cooperating for the Time being. It would be NICE, if IT would continue to for a few MORE Days!

  • Did a Load of Laundry.
  • Then, returned to VEGGING!
  • Did Cyber back-ups.
  • ATE some Veggies.
  • Read.
  • Ate some Junk Food with more Veggies.
  • Hung the Laundry.
  • Damn! My Hair looks Great Today!!
  • Crap! Haven't got Anyplace to BE, to show it off!
  • I really have NO *Life*....
  • Returned to Vegging.
  • MOTHER made a Tasty Beef Stew - with, more Veggies!
  • Read.
  • Planned Tomorrow's *Escape* to COSTCO!
  • Would have Vegged longer, but LOST an Hour with that whole TEMPORAL PHOTONICS HOARDING Thingy...


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