Thursday, March 3, 2011

The "Expected" MAG-Day!


STYLE AT HOME - April 2011

Okay... First off - that "NAVY & CORAL" Blurb on the Cover - on MY Issue, it's looking *more* like

... just saying...

Also, overall, there's a Lot of WHITE going on... Mixed *with* the "Featured" COLOURS, which I personally find to be somewhat of a distraction, and a tad "harsh". Not too mention, the abundance of "Twirly" type PATTERNS.
-- I'm more of a Fan of "Geometrics" and SOLIDS! They're considerably more soothing on the Old *VISUAL* Cortex.

P. 37-38 - As Stated ABOVE, too much *harsh* WHITE! A softer IVORY or CREAM, would soften up the *Busy* Patterns of These TEXTILES.

P. 42 - The *ONE* Place where the Twirly-Whiteness actually *does* WORK - on a WEDGWOOD PLATE! But only, because it possesses a CLASSIC - instead of a "Trendy" - Aesthetic.

P. 44 - [LEFT] - This THROW from DESIGN WITHIN REACH has "Inspired" Me! CHECK OUT *TOMORROW's* Post for some *NEW* PATTERN Entries! The RHINO that I mentioned the Other Day [SEE 25FEB2011 POST] is also on This Page. As well as, a Leaf Motif CURTAIN PANEL by RONEL JORDAAN that would be intriguing to Reproduce with some Creative Crocheting...

P. 54-58 - I always did like a *good* CARPET!

P. 60-64 - I like BOTH of the "HIGH/LOW" TABLES!

P. 66, 68 - LILACS! Now We're Talkin'... Loving both LIGHTING FIXTURES too.

P. 70-72 - Cute BABY ROOM by SAMANTHA PYNN. Colourful, without going over the Top! Subtle, with just the *right* little Quirks!
-- I'm sure I could come up with a BLANKET to *Match*!

P. 85 - [RIGHT] - I'm just being Roped into the PURPLE...

P. 86-87 - Too much "Pattern" clashing with the "Textures"! Yes, TRADITIONAL *can* MIX with MODERN - however, NOT on THIS PAGE!! Seriously, My Eyes are hurting!

P. 88-91 - Surprisingly, the Same House, Different Rooms... Great Chairs. I *want* those WOODEN BOXES!

P. 92-99 - [ABOVE] - ...when the BEFORE Pics seem BETTER than the AFTER Ones! -- Okay, sure, They don't have much "Colour", but please, at SOME Point, *enough* with the Pattern CLASHING!!  Either the RUG or the DRAPES, *have* to be SOLID!

P. 100-103 - [RIGHT] - I do like the ROPE "Stool" Things and the Coffee TABLE and the Shell SCUPTURES. The overall Colour Combo is fine... The Chairs should be in a Solid. Same with the Pillows. There's enough Texture going on in the Room, that ANY Patterns are overkill.

P. 118 - Oh, Shock! A "Vignette" where the WHITE, the PATTERNS, and TEXTURES actually DO Work!

Anyway... Sorry, if I sound a little on the Negative Side with This ISSUE - but, when the BEST Pages are amongst the ADVERTS... And, even then, there are *more* of Them than actual
"ARTICLES" - One does begin to Wonder...?


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