Friday, March 25, 2011

Solo Sale-ing

  • DID go out Today.
  • DIDN'T bring MOTHER.

  • DID remember to drop by FUTURE SHOP to check on the Price of the Computer Part Thing that I'm sure to be *needing*, SOON...
  • DIDN'T envy the Idiotic *iPAD2* People CAMPED OUT by the Entrance. IN the Frigid SHADE!

  • DIDN'T buy YARN! - [NUTS!]
  • DID buy Seriously-ON-Sale Clothing at OLD NAVY!!

  • DID buy a nice SWEET RED PEPPER to snack on in the Near Future.
  • DIDN'T stop by the BULK BARN for Yummy Junk Food - despite My growling Tummy!

  • DIDN'T win on the LOTTERY Tonight...
  • However, the Numbers that I "GOING TO PICK" DID win! [..ggrrrrr...]


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