Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MARCH MAG-ness!!

STYLE AT HOME - May 2011

P. 31 - Just to Preface.. I am NOT a "PLANT PERSON". So You know... However, I'm also not totally against the whole "BOTANICAL" Look, either - so long, as it's done with an aesthetic subtlety... That said, I rather like the Vignette on This Page. The Visual and Textural Nuances seamlessly blend.

P. 36 - Hmm.. I'm liking the Botanical WALLPAPER here, too!

P. 44 - Most of these LOVESEATS are actually not bad looking...

P. 54-55 - Whilst We're on this "Organic" *Trend*, I like BOTH of the HIGH / LOW CHAIR Choices!

P. 60 - But, only the First 3 Chairs of This Selection...

P. 72-78 - I must not have been a "Normal" Child, as I *know* that I would never have gone for EITHER of these Rooms. Okay, maybe the BIG BED on the first Page... and, the Cool Corals and Shells. Otherwise, the Wavey RUG and the questionably-placed Chandelier would have Blinded Me! -- Really? A low-hanging Lighting Fixture right OVER Jumping-On-The-BED-Central..??!!

P. 92-96 - I'm also NOT a "Fan" of the HOT PINK & ORANGE Combo, either! Burns out the Retinas and brings on '60s Forgettable-Fashion-Flashbacks!

P. 100-105 - I like most of the CHAIRS...

P. 108-111 - ...And, the WICKER and BRICK.

P. 112-117 - As for the MID-CENTURY MODERN... I'm somewhat "picky" about it - comes with being a Late-BOOMER, I suppose. Whatever. I do like the THROW PILLOWS and a few of the WOOD PIECES...

P. 130 - Forget the Peach Cake - I'm allergic to Peaches... But, THAT Cake TRAY... It's difficult to tell, but it LOOKS like a PURPLE GLASS..?? -- Because, IF it IS, AUNTIE soooo *WANTS* it!!


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