Monday, February 28, 2011

Almost 4 Hours LATER!!


So. A *LOT* of Shovelling Today!!

That DRY, almost a FOOT DEEP Snow on My Driveway - was just the "Warm-Up Band"! THE CITY favoured Me with the *usual* 6x12x2-foot Wall. Which, I managed to move several Feet to the Right...

Since Last Week's *removal* of The GLACIER, I was presented with some workable "Space". And, the opportunity to SCULPT the Next One to MY Specifications! -- There's now a lovely Shovel-Wide PATH *to* The SEWER GRATE!!

Meanwhile, I had started My endeavours while it was STILL Snowing! It stopped and started to get Sunny out, soon afterward. A "pleasant" Theory, however, troublesome in the Temperature Department...

ALL that Snow + HIGHER Temps = HEAVIER Snow! When it starts to go BLUE... *NOT* Good!

The Patio Side was especially, cumbersome... After that, I was already over 2 Hours IN. Debated on whether to do MADAME-Q's...

A Good Thing that I DID! -- With a Foot-Deep of HEAVY, there was NO way that She would be able to tackle it! Thankfully, She has a Metal-Handled Shovel - I would have SNAPPED a Wooden one with that Stuff!

An Hour or so Later... I was beginning to lose track of Time... I called it QUITS!

Tomorrow, is going to be a VEG-DAY!! As, it's highly doubtful that I'll be able to *move*, anyway!

OH! Hey! I finally WON another $7. on My Lottery Ticket, Tonight! WOOHOO! -- Pays for that Bottle of ASPIRINS...


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