Thursday, February 24, 2011

GREEN LIGHTS, All the Way!

I'M THINKING that The CITY's Traffic Light System was confusing Itself Today, with NASA's Pre-Flight Checks...? I usually *don't* get that many Green Lights when "going" and "coming" back!

BTW, speaking of "Out There"... I was just noticing the *Ages* of DISCOVERY's *Last-Launch* Crew... The "Average" is 48!! Huh! Maybe, I'm NOT *too* OLD to be an Astronaut, after all!
-- Then again, ALL of that SPACE - I'd just probably go and FILL it up with YARN!!

And, Use IT to Make THESE!!


I came across THIS on TWITTER earlier... I have NO Idea WHO Designed and MADE This, but I LOVE IT!

Even without a Pattern, I probably could Make One... Would be FUN to TRY!

So, I managed to escape My "confinement" with a quick Trip to THE BIG MALL. Had some Banking to do - that was clear sailing, too.. No Line-up... Weird... And, took care of a few other Errands. Got some Groceries at one of the nearby Places. However, I never did Buy *Anything* non-edible FOR Me!

Meanwhile, there was a Dusting of Snow Pellets that had started when I had first left... Nothing more since then. Although, there is "suppose" to be several Inches worth headed This Way some time Tomorrow Afternoon. It'll be a "change" from the Chopping...


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  1. Shan, Ollie and I love that R2D2 hat! If you make one, can we buy it, please???? Let me know! Hugs from my little O.


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