Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feeling Like TOTO..

ALL OF THAT Huffing and Puffing that had BLOWN through Here Last Night, turned itself down a few notches Today - but, not by much... It did, however, Freeze-Dry those bothersome Puddles of Water. The ICE Patches aren't as bad as they were a few Days ago. As, to the Snow, there was just a Dusting of wind-swept Flakes... The SUN made a couple of brief "appearances" for The WORSHIPPERS. Then, Departed.

The REST of the DAY...
  • Left "late" for an Afternoon at TRAINYARDS...
  • WALMART - No new YARN... Got a bit of Groceries. And, some Cheap Pairs of Gloves for 25 Cents each - I liked the PURPLE ones...
  • DOLLARAMA - MOTHER needed a new BROOM... Have I mentioned that Some of Her
    "People" are from SALEM?
  • MICHAEL'S - Still had Money left on that GIFT CARD... Bought some more On Sale RIBBON [SEE BELOW] - The PEACE SIGN one is for PRINCESS PRE-TEEN.
  • Ran into a Young Woman who had DECIDED to LEARN HOW TO CROCHET! -- I passed on some of My "Wisdom"... You know, a few of those little *Details* that are usually NOT mentioned in the HOW-TO-BOOKS and VIDEOS.
  • She was *still* EAGER to Learn!
  • THE MALL - The Parking Lot was half EMPTY? Then again, it was getting Late...
  • The FACTORY ENDS Price went UP another Dollar!?! POOH!! -- There weren't any *new* Ones.
  • Bought Losing LOTTERY TICKETS
  • Went HOME! Did LAUNDRY...


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  1. ooh i like the ribbons we dont have nice ones like that over here hugsx tinkx


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