Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the YARN...

BY NOW, I'm sure *some* of You are "wondering" about My BROTHER... As best to My Knowledge, He's still "Fine" - at least, We haven't had any NEWS to the Contrary. Actually, He sent Me a brief E-MAIL this Morning, asking if I had received His "...NASCAR Pics..." -- And, NOTHING much more than That!

However, I *did* INFORM Him of Everyone's Concerns and Well-Wishes... THANK YOU, BTW!

Meanwhile... It was actually, "NICE OUT", Today - for the most part... Thankfully, *WHEN* I was doing a bit of "Clean-Up" Shovelling. Only had an Inch worth of Overnight Snow, but the TEMPS were on the Rise and We're expecting a MESSY MIX for Tonight and Tomorrow. It's BEST to get RID of as much as possible whenever One can!

And then, I did some Laundry... Exciting, eh?!

Anyhoo... Here's a Pic of some of that YARN - [GUAVA, MILKSHAKE] - from Yesterday's Pursuit of Purchases...


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