Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Tank-Top..? In FEBRUARY??!!


AH, just One of the *whacky* Sights that PUBLIC TRANSIT has to offer! -- There was this GIRL. 20-Something. Well groomed. Gave off an Impression of either being a COSMETIC or HAIR "STYLIST" Person. A tad too short to be a MODEL [but, You never know, She might have been] With expensive,
stylish Knee-High Leather Boots, form-fitting Pants, a couple of rather nice looking Bags on Her Shoulder, AND wearing a TANK TOP!

No Sweater. No Coat. Not even, a Scarf... Just a great Tan on Her BARE Arms and Shoulders!!

Did I mention the Fact that it IS *still* FEBRUARY, Cloudy out, and the TEMPS were about 2C...?

yeah, yeah... I know... The INSTANT We lose the "Minus Sign" and hear the FIRST Drips of MELT WATER in This CITY, *EVERYONE* breaks out the SWIMWEAR and PATIO FURNITURE!!

Oh, and BTW, I'm standing nearby, wearing 3-Layers of light Sweaters and a Rain Coat! AND, extremely TEMPTED to GIVE Her one of My just purchased *Bargain* Waffle-Weave Shirts from OLD NAVY! -- Anyway, She's LUCKY that the promised Rain hadn't hit yet!

Meanwhile, got done with My Appointment Downtown - AFTER - a quick circuit through The RIDEAU
CENTRE. On the Journey Homeward, stopped off at THE BIG MALL to do a few things. Once HOME,
decided to tackle that Laneway...

Apparently, FATHER had been out Earlier, trying to CHIP at those Nasty Bits of ICE. However, they remained *unbreakable* for the most part. But, I was determined to have a *go* at it! Some
of it had succeeded in "softening" up by Then.. Managed to REMOVE a couple of Gallons of Future

I continue to FORESEE another bout of Bailing on Tomorrow's ITINERARY!


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