Monday, February 21, 2011


I'M DOING This slightly ahead of "Schedule" - [the Actual DATE is the 22nd] - seeing as I usually don't POST until really LATE, and because THEY are in The U.K.! --  HAPPY *25TH*!! 

SUNNY & COLD Today! Only spent an Hour clearing up the Overnight "dusting" and took a few WHACKS at the ICE PATCHES. Thought I'd give those Spots that get Sunlight, a little HELP in the Melting Department...

HEY! LOOK! The LAWN SNOWBANK RIDGE has gone down at least a foot! -- GOOD! Now, more Sunlight can cover the Driveway... YAY!

So. Today is also a "Holiday" -- FAMILY DAY -- Everyone must be Indoors, because it was rather QUIET Outside... Except for My "whacking"... Anyway, Stores are Closed, etc. However, We DID get MAIL DELIVERY?! ...huh..

Finally received that POSTCARD from COUSIN-B that I was hoping for of - GRAN CANARIA! - I had
no idea that They had all of those Sand Dunes... Great Beaches...The Surfing looks fairly decent, too... At any rate, She and The Family had a wonderful Vacation!


CRAP.... CHRISTCHURCH just got smucked AGAIN! -- I was There 20 Years ago... I really liked that Town...

If Anyone wants to keep Tabs on what's happening There, TRY the BELOW LINK-

Well, I'm going to get This POSTED, so I can get back to THE NEWS!


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