Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Mail MAG-ness!!

Something COOL to LOOK at, other than the Frozen Flaky-covered Slush I had to clear AWAY!


  • P. 29 - Apparently, when "KNOBS" are screwed into a Wall, they become known as
    "HOOKS"... Is it, because they *don't* Turn? Or, that they're not *attached* to a Door? And/or, does it really matter? Just so long as What You HANG on them *doesn't* FALL OFF!! -- Oh, and the Cane-Faux-Bamboo BENCH is quite lovely, too.
  • P. 34 - The CHERNER CHAIR - Always, a Visually CLASSIC Testament to Functional Artistry in its Design!
  • P. 60-62 - Ah. "The LIBRARY"... All of These are super in Their own Ways... From the cosy Chairs to the Vaulted Wall of Shelves. But mostly, The BOOKS... As "convenient" as E-Book Devices are, there is nothing like the feel of a GOOD BOOK in One's Hands. Oh. Look. NO *need* of BATTERIES!
  • P. 64-65 - That OFFICE... it's really not "doing" it for Me. The Overhead LAMP is fine, as well as the Paint Colour... But the WHITE Desk and Shelves are just a tad too Cold.
  • P. 66 - Whereas, it isn't in This Room... However, I'd nix the RUG and the PINK PILLOW!
  • P. 68-72 - #4 - I'd put that Clothing Rack up a half Shelf higher, and move the Sweaters to just above it... #7 - Great use of Space with the STAIR DRAWERS. Although, that Bottom one should be flush with the Side-Walls. #8 - I love this little Seating-In-The-Front-Door-Closet Niche!
  • P. 74, 76 - Some of these LAUNDRY BASKETS are waay too nice for My dirty clothes!
  • P. 82-87 - So BRIAN GLUCKSTEIN! Love the Finishing on the Living Room Twin Chairs... Wonderful Upper Stairs Landing Area. And Who can say ANYthing against the Fabulous FORTUNY LAMPS!
  • P. 88-93 - It's an Electic Mix, but it works! Probably, because the Touches of Colour that are injected into the BLACK & WHITE Palette are SUBTLE. As are the Organic Pieces. Sooo loving the TWIG DEER Head!!
  • P. 94-99 - ALL of the RUGS and Woven Textiles are brilliantly Bohemian. Great Kilim Ottoman...
  • P. 100-103 - Except for a few Pieces - like the BONSAI - not really so "ZEN"... That Iron CANDLEHOLDER on the Mantel is giving Me a strong SCANDINAVIAN "Vibe"!?
  • P. 105 - I think I may try that Orange & Carrot SALAD Someday...

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