Friday, February 18, 2011

SUNSPOTS, They're the Ones to Blame!

FOR ALL of the WATER, WATER - *EVERYWHERE*!! -- At least, that's what it seemed like as I Scoop-Shovelled for FOUR HOURS!!

Thankfully, I managed to keep the MELT WATER *OUT* of the Garage! But, only because I would push it away every other 10 minutes... There's one Spot near the End of the Driveway on the Right Side - I swear, there HAS to be some Underground SPRING percolating from the Grass Line!!

I find it difficult to wrap My Head around the Thought that it's all "Melting" SNOW...? Yeah, okay, perhaps the "scorching" SOLAR FLARING SUNLIGHT and 9C TEMPS *might* have "something" to do with it... But still...

Oh, well... at LEAST, the SEWER access is GREAT.

Meanwhile... this EVENING... the WINDS have picked up with Howling *significance*! TEMPS have dropped too. And, there's supposed to be a touch of SNOW for Tomorrow... I just *hope*
that all of Today's LEFTOVER Water doesn't Ice-Up too hard before I can get to it!

I have discovered that Shovelling SNOW is MUCH more Efficient than Scooping WATER in regards to TIME Spent and Volume Relocation.

Anyhoo... ENOUGH about The WEATHER... TIME for a PIC!! Something to go "with" Today... A bit of SUN, some swirling WIND, and a "Lake" of WATER...

"DUTCH" - Done in ZUNIBLU, DUTCH, YELLOW, and SNOWHITE in the Trim. Sorry, it's a bit blurry... an old Pic...


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