Friday, February 11, 2011

I may NEED a 2nd "Opinion"...

EITHER, I'm about to be BLESSED with Great FORTUNES, *OR*, I'm being HEXED...?!

I'm "wondering" here, because My Day has been sprinkled with an assortment of seemingly - on their own - unassuming "Witchy Signs"... They could be "Good", or "Not So Much"... OR, The UNIVERSE is just having a "bit of FUN" and messing with My Head! [For, lack of Nothing else better to do... It happens.]

Let Me know what You think...

  • There's this Patch of ICE just off Our DoorStep, that I tried to break-up with an Ice Hoe the other Day... But, just ended up making a bunch of Hash Marks on the surface because it was so hard. I "noticed" Yesterday, that they *look* an awful lot like Norse RUNES! -- Doubtful, that they spell the Word "WELCOME".
  • Whilst reaching over to hand Me a heavy Bag at the Door, FATHER *slipped* slightly on the Patch! If I hadn't have caught His Hand and the Bag, He likely would have stumbled...
  • A lot of "significant" Numbers kept popping up [11-02-2011] -- NONE of them were My LOTTERY Picks! AGAIN! -- That ONLY happens on the Nights that I *don't* have a Ticket!
  • The SUN was OUT!
  • I *didn't* have to Shovel!
  • TWO Charge Card BILLS came in the MAIL.
  • A perfect OAK LEAF was in front of the Garage Door... The *nearest* Oak Tree is a Quarter Mile away!
  • And, what no doubt, got Me started on this Line of Thought... About a foot behind The CAR, in THE MALL Parking Lot when We were heading out to leave -- a BROKEN EGG..?
    -- Which, I did manage to back-up over WITHOUT running over it!

O-kay, so, NOT that I'm a "Believer" of this STUFF... I really am a "devout" Atheist. -- But, You know... The UNIVERSE.. FATE... "KARMA is such a *Bitch*"... Toss in the Statistical Numbers... My questionable Luck with Lotteries...? -- And, that NO Shovelling Part...

I'm just hedging My Bets...!!


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