Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I rather be doing OTHER Things!

I HAD been hoping that *may-be*, Today wouldn't end up as a SHOVEL-DAY... yeah! right...

And, it had started out as being so nice Out, earlier... But, THEN, just as The Elderly PARENTAL-UNITS were leaving to do a bit of Grocery Shopping, it began to get a wee bit Squally... A couple of Hours later, I noticed the Depth of the Recent and ON-Going Accumulation....

"..ah..NUTS! -- SHE just ruined My PERFECT Paw-Prints!.."

Oh well... I'd be DOING it, eventually! And, it'll mean less Snow being tracked into the House...
-- I managed to get the Drive and Front Walkway done, JUST in Time! However, BIG Fluffy Flakes continued to COVER UP My previous endeavours!

Anyhoo... needless to say, a good 2 Hours of Tomorrow's "Schedule" has already been accounted FOR!


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