Friday, February 25, 2011

Oooo... I *WANT* THIS!!

IN MY E-MAIL Today, I received My DIGITAL April Issue of STYLE AT HOME. And, whilst giving the Thumbnail Pics a swift perusal, I chanced upon THIS:

As in, the rather Colourful RHINO!! - [I hope the LINK shows up properly - I'll try to get a *solid* Pic later if I can..]

Made from Recycled FLIP FLOPS!? -- At $400. *doubtful* that there will be all that many in Their INVENTORY at HOMESENSE! Even more so, Here in OTTAWA!! And, probably a Good Thing, seeing as I really couldn't afford it. OR, have the "space" for it, either. Oh, well...

Anyway, I *expect* the Hardcopy of the APRIL Issue to be arriving some time This Coming WEEK!

Meanwhile, on a *happier* Note... I "noticed" on My BLOOG STATS that I had acquired a Recent
"VIEWER" from MOROCCO, which now puts Me at 50 Different Countries that have popped in HERE!!
Seriously, COOL!! -- BTW, speaking of "Cool" and "Places", if Anyone knows Anyone working in ANTARCTICA..? Having ALL the CONTINENTS would be even COOLER!

...just saying...


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  1. If we could get jasons site up and running i remember two ladies lived in antartica on there!!hugs tinkx


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