Saturday, February 12, 2011

To Squall...Or, NOT to Squall - THAT *is* My Weather!

PERSONALLY, I'd prefer to go with "NOT"... But, WHEN do *I* ever get to have a "Say", huh?

Anyway, I started My Day with the expected few Inches of Flurry-Fluff on the Ground. Whilst I'm having Breakfast and taking My sweet Time to read the Newspaper, I'll just let it *work* on its

NOTE - It is SUNNY out "at THIS Point"!

I proceed to don My Cryo-"Combat" Gear... I'm all cosy, warm, Scarfed, and Sunglassed up, READY
to partake of the Picturesque Winter "Wonderfulness"! -- I open the Door... WHAT THE...??!!

    Now, *this* is the Part, where the Happy-Lovely-VIVALDI-Music ENDS, and the Howling-Blizzard-Sound-Effects of one of the *many* Movie Remakes of "THE THING" BEGINS!!

There's a Squally WHITEOUT going on!! -- great... Oh well, it's not the "first" Time... I go out.
Get to the Garage, remove My various needed Shovels - [Yes. I have 3 different ones!] - and, decide to START on the Porch-Side of the House. That Area is protected from the Current Wind Direction...

Ten Minutes later, I'm finishing up the last bit and heading toward the Front, WHEN... what the..?!

NO Snow. No Squally-ness. Blinding BLUE SKIES!!! ...o-kay... AUNTIE ain't in Kansas any more... hmph... I get started on the Driveway. However, I DO notice *another* Squall-Line in the Distance... I speed up with the Scrape & Scoop routine! -- I need to be partly *done* over on MADAME-Q's Side BEFORE the "Dumping" starts.

Wow! That's weird! The Cloud-Line just took a sharp Right Turn a few Miles away!! -- So, NOT going to be POWDERED on! -- YAY! -- I got to FINISH up without any further Meteorological Moments.

Mind You, there's no Guarantee that I won't end up with doing ANOTHER "Round", Tomorrow! After all, I had SUNNINESS!


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