Sunday, February 13, 2011


DID a load of Laundry - Sweaters that needed to be "freshened" up! Meanwhile, I've been catching up on My OTHER Bloog Reading... And, trying to IGNORE the Dusting-Layer of Snow that showed up earlier.

Also, it's Cloudy, Dampish feeling, and Sunday. There just isn't enough out there yet to justify ANY Time on. Besides, MORE is promised to be coming LATER... FATHER has "plans" on using The CAR Tomorrow, I'll likely HAVE to be up early to SCRAPE a Path for Him! -- Just going to
"Rest up", Today!

Anyway... by the TIME This gets Posted, it'll already be VALENTINE'S DAY...

So, HERE's another TEASER!

"ROSARY" was a Custom Order a few Years back - done in My smaller 4x6 Square Size out of RED, CORAL, BUBBLEGUM, and GUAVA.

BTW, be sure to CHECK OUT the *recent* "Button" on the SIDEBAR for RED PEPPER QUILTS' *new* BLOG-HOP Page!


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