Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More IMPORTANT Things Are Going On...

THAN *WHAT* I haven't been UP to...

The ONLY Good Thing that I can say about Today -- It was SUNNY and a *bit* WARMER! Oh, and that it was FAIRY-T's and MR.T's 25th ANNIVERSARY... Otherwise, it's been pretty much Hell-in-a-Hand-Basket around The PLANET, huh?

I've spent most of My Day keeping up with the Whacky STOCK MARKETS, and the Latest NEWS out of NEW ZEALAND! It's all very Heart-Breaking... It's such a Beautiful Place and I don't think I have EVER met SO many Genuinely FRIENDLIER People *ANYWHERE* than in THAT Country!! TRULY!

And, at the Moment, I'm quite peeved at THE UNIVERSE for *picking* on THEM! Seriously. *WHAT* is That about?!! -- Did "SOMEONE" get *bored* after trashing AUSTRALIA..?

Anyway... Enough of MY "questionable" Philosophizing... Let's try *Something* a tad more Whimsical, shall We? -- HERE. Stare at THIS for a while...

"LAVENDER BUTTER" - Done in YELLOW and LAVENDER [which is really more like the Shade of the *background*!].


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  1. Thank you my dear we had a lubbly day, now starting work on the next 25 years hehe hugsx tinkx(ps trev is amazed hes famous hehe)


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