Saturday, July 9, 2011


USUALLY, for $15. I can often FILL The CAR with YARD SALE FINDS. In Fact, to Date for This Year, I had only Spent $30. on My Purchased Plethora. However, Today, it was for just ONE ITEM...

MOTHER *tried* to dissuade Me with - "You don't need IT." - "Where are You going to put IT?" - "What are You going to use IT for?" - "Don't let Your FATHER see IT!"

Ahh... the *Possibilities*...

Meanwhile, it was the Second of only 3 SALES for the Day. -- I had passed on the Nice-Fake-Leather-Satchel for $10. at the Last Place... Actually, I think She was just miffed over NOT Finding Anything for Herself!

So. Slightly-Older-Yard-Sale-GUY has IT going for $20. I inquire as to ITS Origins...

-- An ESTATE Sale at Some-Old-House-In-ROTHWELL ["Money"] Years ago...

I contemplate.
MOTHER buzzes about.

I'm inclined to offer $10. I would *love* to GET IT for $10.! BUT... that would likely be "Insulting"
as IT IS a GOOD Piece. He knows it. I *know* it. And, He KNOWS I know it!

I OFFER $15...

There's this 5-Second
"Sizing-Me-Up" Glance... [The Sunglasses HELP!] - Then it's, "..For YOU, since You like IT so much..

TRANSLATION - He wants to get rid of IT. Grateful that I *didn't* over-haggle with Him - [There had been a "Dealer" in just before Us.] - And, My "proper" Questions indicated that I wanted IT for *Me*NOT as Something to "Flip"! -- oh! And not to mention, I was probably much easier on the Eyes than the Last Guy, too! -- [GRIN]

As to DETAILS...

HEAVY! - 18"x26" - CAST-IRON - VICTORIAN-Style, if not *actually* Late-VICTORIAN?! -- "Presumed" to be one of those Old-Heating-Duct-WALL-GRATES...?

I'm still "Hiding" IT from FATHER, so I haven't had a chance to more closely examine IT for Foundry-Markings. Or, clean IT up... There're a few spots of Rust... I'm wary to mess with the Patina at the moment.

Anyway, I love the INTRICACY of IT... The "Medallion" Part comes out about 2-Inches. The Pierce-Work almost gives IT a "CROCHET-Look", don't You think..?

As to WHAT I'm going to DO with IT..? Set IT within a Heavy-Wood Framing for a Door or Cabinet?
Or, perhaps to Protect a small Window..? -- Worse-Case Scenario - use IT as a make-shift HIBACHI!

Afterward... It was on to Grocery-Getting! The SUNNY, *HOT* Weather made for Light Traffic...


I *almost* understand WHY "some" People drive those UGLY, YELLOW, ORANGE, LIME Blinding-Coloured Vehicles... One can't help but MISS THEM!


I'm about "yay"-far from "borrowing" FATHER's "Retired"-Police-BADGE! And, getting OUT of My CAR and whacking these "DEATH-WISH-DRIVING-CHALLENGED" Yahoos between the Eyes with IT!!

-- You know... on Second Thought, FORGET The Badge, perhaps I should just *GRATE*ful-DEAD Them!!

SEE? -- I *DID* Buy that Thing for a GOOD Reason!!


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