Monday, February 3, 2014

hmm... A new "STRATEGY" to INcrease Store-"Sales"..??

IF SO, IT "WORKS" FOR ME!! - [drool...] - But, MORE on *THAT* Later...

- [yay!] - Just, EVERYTHING *ELSE* that I had wanted to GET DONE on FRIDAY!

IN particularly, that little CROSS-TOWN-"BUSINESS"-BUS-TRIP... Which, I also wanted to do on "ONE"-FARE!

Sooooo, I *acquired* THE CAR and whipped on over to THE-BIG-MALL in order to PARK There. THEN, hopped onto a BUS to "Where" I had to GET TO for My 15-Minute-ERRAND. -- Between walking to the RETURN-BUS-STOP and the Beginning of RUSH-HOUR-TRAFFIC, I managed to get *back* in just over an Hour...

NEXT, after a Quickie TOUR-de-MALL, I headed out for TRAINYARDS...

Had to make a Brief-Stop at FARM-BOY first, for a Few GROCERY-SPECIALS, before popping on over to MICHAEL'S. Seeing as I DIDN'T get to go THERE *ON* SATURDAY!
- [SEE 01FEB2014 POST]

ANYHOO, as IT *turns out*, I never did BUY Anything, ALTHOUGH, I *did* make ONE *WORTH*-"The-Trip"-DISCOVERY..?!

Apparently, there's a NEW *GUY* Working There!?! - A TALL-CUTE-STRAPPING-YOUNG-LAD-"NEW-GUY"!! - [Except for MANAGER-DAVE, and the Occasional-Manager-TRAINEE, The-STAFF is All-FEMALE]

However, I've since "Learned", that He's only a "TEMP"-Replacement for One of the FRAMING-GIRLS Who has just gone on Maternity-Leave... Which "MEANS", that He'll pretty much be HIDDEN-AWAY in the "WORKSHOP"! - [pooh!]

hmm... I *need* some WALLS, so that I can get some ARTWORK "FRAMED"...


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