Monday, April 13, 2015

a "KODIAK" Moment


LION BRAND YARNS "Fishermen's Wool"
- 100% Pure Virgin WOOL
- [made in CHINA]
- Colour: 150-126-Nature's Brown
- Colour: 150-200-Oak Tweed
- Colour: 150-098-Natural

Only *I* would be showing off a *WOOL* BLANKET on a Day that went UP to 23C!!

[And, THANK YOU ANNA at STRUCTUBE, for allowing Me to use Their FAB FURNITURE as a Backdrop!
-- LOVE that BLUE SOFA!]



  1. That looks like a nice snuggle blanket. I've never heard of fishermans wool before, so your never to old to learn!

  2. Lovely pattern, and you know the warm weather doesn't last forever!

  3. Just lovely. It looks gorgeous on that top green couch! I've been loving all the afghans you've shown us over the last few weeks!

  4. It looks beautiful and I love the pattern on it.

  5. That is lovely! The design and shape and colors are a great combination.


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