Sunday, September 23, 2012


WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT "MODERN"-HIGH-TECH-SOCIETY, *WHEN*... a Not-Quite-Yet-TWO-Year-Old-TODDLER can OPERATE a CELL-PHONE to View Her FAV "Movie" AND, *Automatically* "FINGER-SWIPES" ANY Small-PHOTO-Screens that She sees!!??

IT would appear that FLIPPING Pages, or even, PRESSING Buttons is being "Breed"-OUT of THIS Decade's CHILDREN! -- Thankfully, Her Decade-OLDER-SISTER is still
"OLD-SCHOOL"! -- For the most part anyway... maybe...

YES. - If You didn't figure IT out already - The PRINCESSES popped-in for a VISIT! -- We haven't seen THEM since Last DECEMBER!!

LITTLE-PRINCESS-BIG-RED still weighs a TON! - Which, I'll be *feeling* POST-LIFTING, Tomorrow!! - And, is Addicted to that Movie "TANGLED"!!

Meanwhile, PRINCESS-PRE-TEEN is now My Height! -- oh! And, She got ANOTHER *New* HALF-SISTER - [on Her Father's side...] - Last Week! She's also actually *ENJOYING* "JUNIOR-HIGH-SCHOOL"!?! -- huh.

BTW, if ANYONE had Their Eye on "BLACK-HATTER" or "CLAY-BERRY" -- too Late!!

PRINCESS-PRE-TEEN and Her MOM are now the Proud-PARENTS!

-- nuts! Now I have to find Time to make *more* in THAT STYLE! -- I got STARTED on THAT, Tonight!


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