Saturday, September 8, 2012

oh. wow... I've just REALIZED!!


nuts! -- how the hell did THAT happen??!!

hmm... MUST BE *all* of the RAIN!!

-- IT began in the Wee-Morning-Hours with THUNDER-SHOWERS... Then, ON and OFF DOWNPOURS throughout the Day. As MUCH as We really DO *need* the "WATER", IT's *still* a NUISANCE to DRIVE IN!!

PERHAPS, I probably really SHOULDN'T have "KILLED" that SPIDER Yesterday Afternoon..?
-- [At least, I *Think* I did..?!] -- I Used the VACUUM-CLEANER, seeing as "FREDDY" was kinda GINORMOUS! And, in an awkward spot...

With My "Luck", He's likely still ALIVE - minus a Leg or Three - INside the VACUUM-BAG, Plotting His METEOROLOGICAL-*REVENGE* on Us ALL!!

Anyhoo... BETWEEN the "DELUGES", We headed out to TRAINYARDS.

huh. Haven't seen THIS MUCH TRAFFIC in Ages! -- I guess NOAH, Forgot to "TEXT" THEM about the "SURF"-REPORT..?! Instead, THEY're *ALL* IN MICHAEL'S, Signing-Up for "CLASSES"! Just INside the ENTRANCE...

Ooo! I rather Like THAT! -- On the "ART-CLASS"-Table is a quite Interesting little 8x10-Inch SEASCAPE! By the INSTRUCTOR, Who is NOT THERE... [pooh!] - I'd much Like to Purchase IT, *IF* "The PRICE" *was*, "RIGHT"!?!

So. I have These "50%-OFF-Coupons" that are just Waiting to Pounce on some YARN... WAIT! hang on...WT*??!! - AGAIN??!! cra-ap!

"MY" YARN is ON-SALE THIS Week. Which, of courseNEGATES the USE of the COUPONS!! ggrrrrrr!!! -- And, even TUESDAY's "DISCOUNT" will also make IT 40-Cents *more* than I *usually* PAY! -- aarrggghhhhhhh!!!!

IT's almost as IF "THEY" KNOW!!

WHAT-EV-ER... I ended up NOT Buying ANYTHING! I just had"PRICING-ADJUSTMENT" to take care of...

ah! A Break in the RAIN! - We slid on over to WALMART for some Groceries. Got MOTHER INSIDE *just* PRIOR to the NEXT DOWNPOUR! - THAT was STILL going on WHEN We LEFT! And then, got WORSE!

We *eventually* Arrived at THE MALL, THANKFULLY UNscathed and unSOAKED!
- BloodFLOW soon returned to My Knuckles...

For once, We got HOME "EARLY"! *AHEAD* of the NEXT *several* Bouts of SKY-HOSING!


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