Monday, September 24, 2012



CASTLE -- [which I'll be Taping]
  • Will RICK and KATE regret Their LONG-[4-months-of-Reruns]-NIGHT of IT'S-ABOUT-TIME-THEY-GOT-"IT"-**ON**!!
  • How did JAVIER end up spending His night..? Will He forgive KEVIN?
  • Will ALEXIS be Home "EARLY"..?!

HAWAII FIVE-0 -- [which I'll be WATCHING!]
  • FIRST OFF, I just **KNEW** that STEVE's MOM was probably ALIVE the Second that it was mentioned that She'd "died" in an ACCIDENT! -- When it was revealed that it had been "MURDER", well, that pretty much cinched My *THEORY*!
  • Meanwhile, WHO will Rescue KONO? -- ADAM seems to be the Best-Bet!
  • MALIA is likely TOAST! It'll give CHIN something to do.
  • And DANNO... I'm predicting that He'll WIN His Custody-Suit and get to "EXPERIENCE" the [be-careful-what-what-you-wish-for]-*JOYS*-of-Raising-a-TEENAGED-DAUGHTER-on-His-OWN!!
  • hmm..? I wonder if He OWNS any Terrorize-Your-Daughter's-DATES HAIR-CARE Products..??! I'm sure that UNCLE STEVE will be able to whip up *something*!

Meanwhile, I'm going to TRY to get *some* KNITTINESS in, while, I await


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