Sunday, December 22, 2013

I feel like I'm "LIVING" in a Dish of *BAKED ALASKA*!

SERIOUSLY! -- Today's METEOROLOGICAL-"MENU" was about 9-Inches of FLUFFY-DRY-LIGHT-SNOW *Covered* with a Half-Inch CRISPY-ICY-CRUST!!

...That, had come DOWN around DAWN and had DRIFTED to ABOVE the DOOR-LINE!! -- And, DON'T get Me *started* about the PLOW-POOP!! - [NOT so "Light & Fluffy"!!]

Anyway... I didn't go OUT until MID-Afternoon. TRUDGED to the Garage for the SHOVELS... *SAW* the Laneway... [INSERT "Shoot-Me-Now"-SIGH!] - Decided to "start" on the DRIFT at the Front DOOR *First*...

"MAYBE" I'll *WAKE-UP-SOON* and ALL of THAT-CRAP *won't* BE there any more..??!!

yeah... THAT didn't Happen...

Once the FRONT was Cleared, I cut a SWATH to the Curb and "SURVEYED" My NEXT-TWO-HOURS-OF-*WORK*... yep. EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY is soooooo *ON* the "NAUGHTY-LIST"!! - IF, I don't WHACK Him to Death with My Shovel first!

As I pondered My FATE, NEWER-NEIGHBOUR-ACROSS-THE-STREET - [the One that bought MADAME-Q's House] - happened to See Me, AND My awaiting *TASK*... Then, OFFERED to come over with Her "New" SNOWBLOWER!!

Whilst My "New-BFF" got Her Machine, I CARVED-OUT a PATH for IT to get through... And, broke-up some of the BOULDERS. - I didn't want to BREAK the BLOWER over those Bigger-CHUNKY-Bits!

So. In LESS than 10-Minutes, She EXPERTLY - [honestly, "GIRLS" really are MUCH *neater* with Snowblowers than "GUYS" are!!] - Cleared-UP the Laneway and that 7-FEET-out "MARTIN"-esque BARRIER-BEYOND-The-CURB!!

AND, **SAVED** Me at least 90-Minutes of WORK and a probable HEART-ATTACK! -- The NEXT Half-Hour was devoted to Scraping-away what was LEFT... And, to do the SEWER "RAVINE"...

The Following 2-Hours into and PAST "Sundown" were spent on DIGGING-OUT the REST of the PROPERTY! -- I'm beginning to get "concerned" about the DEPTH on the ROOF... That ICING-Layer is PREVENTING any Quick SOLAR-Melting or WIND-Erosion on the Accumulation...


At the "Moment", We supposively have "ICE-FOG"..? - I'm not near a Window to check on that... I'm just HOPING that We DON'T get any MORE PRECIPITATION until **AFTER** I get HOME from SHOPPING, Tomorrow! -- *IF* I can get OUT of the Laneway... AND, IF the Roads are "GOOD"..?

MEANWHILE... During My NON-*CRYO*-Time, I managed to get TWO PANELS done on TAP-MAN's TOQUE... Only have ONE and a Half to go... I would have Posted a PIC, but it's LATE and the ZZZZZZZZZZZZZs await!


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