Thursday, December 19, 2013

*oh!* -- IT'S HERE..?!

YAY! -- [nuts.. Now I have to Write-Back *nice* stuff to CUSTOMER SERVICE..]

ANYHOO... Remember that BUNCH of YARN that Bought ONLINE a Few Weeks back..? - [SEE 03DEC2013 POST] - And, that I had LIKED IT *so* MUCH that I went and Ordered MORE the NEXT DAY..?


After a few bouts of "PONG"-MAIL with the COMPANY concerning the UNexpected Lack of SHIPPING "INFORMATION" - [hey. They tell You to Contact Them after "so" long...] - I *finally* GOT the "TRACKING NUMBERS"... *WHEN* I got HOME and Checked My "E-MAIL", *AFTER* Opening the PARCEL-in-QUESTION that had Arrived whilst I was OUT!

At least, that's ONE *LESS* Thing for Me to "worry" about! -- Except of course, the part about FINDING a "PLACE" to PUT IT!

Mind You, I am still just a bit "disappointed" over NOT getting that THIRD-COLOUR I had also ORDERED. - [Out of Stock] - Maybe "NEXT-TIME"..? However, THESE "DYE-LOTS" *do* MATCH the PREVIOUS-ORDER! So I *am* HAPPY about THAT!

-- To be sure, the Next Time there's another "FREE-SHIPPING" Deal, I'll be getting some of the OTHER SIZES! - Although, I do Wish that THEY were about another Inch Longer...

whatever. Can't WAIT to "PLAY" with THEM!

MEANWHILE... 'Tis was a BUSY Day... Mucho Driving *and* BUSING about! -- There was STUFF and "PAPERWORK" to get... THINGS to MAIL... PEOPLE to "SEE"... "GIFTS" to GIVE... And, "in-the-end", IT *ALL* surprisingly *managed* to Get *DONE*!?!

...and NOW, I'm just waiting for the OTHER *SHOVEL* to "DROP"..?!

[oh.. LOOK! *Another* STORM is headed THIS Way!!]


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