Thursday, December 26, 2013

IT's "BOXING DAY"! - So *of course*, We bought BOXES!!

AND, *YARN*!! LOTS AND *LOTS* OF YARN... Can't ever FORGET the YARN...

Besides, We were at THE STORE for *over* TWO HOURS! -- MOTHER likes to take Her "Time" *SIFTING* through the "ON-SALE"-MINUTIA... I think it might have taken Me all of TWO-MINUTES to pack away Those 25-BALLS of "BABY WOOL" into My Cart!

They were *really* ON-SALE. PLUS, there was a 25%-OFF-EVERYTHING-COUPON just for Today. *ALL* Day! -- I had an Extra One that I ended up giving to This SWEET-LITTLE-93-YEAR-OLD-LADY and Her Daughter... Apparently, She's only been KNITTING for *just* a Couple of Years! - And, does rather Nice Work - [She showed off Her Lovely Multi-Coloured Vest]

So... The "PHOTO"-BOXES were down to $1.66 again - ["before" The-COUPON] - We BOTH got Some. -- I really have to Start *FILLING* the OTHER "20"-or-so that I already own and are TAKING-UP-*SPACE*!! - Just as soon as I can FIND a *SPOT* to Stack Them "safely"...

Anyhoo, We needed 2-Carts to house the TEN-of-Them whilst We went SHOP-FARI-ing for *more* BARGAINS...

oh. Look! The Little-Bags of GLASS-PEBBLES are only a DOLLAR - for Today *ONLY*...
I have a "thing" for THOSE, too... I could probably Cover a WALL with the Amount of PEBBLES that I already have! - Who needs to bother buying Glass-Tiles..?

MEANWHILE... Previous to Our leaving the HOUSE, there there had been the odd "Light"-SNOW-SQUALL of Teeny-Snow-Pellets... Hence, a QUICKIE-15-Minute-SHOVELLING was in order. - Just in Time for MADAME-Q to Drive-IN for a 5-Minute-VISIT!

However, the ROADS were My PRIMARY "Concern"... Just a tad too GREASY in that SHINY-BRIGHT-SUNLIGHT for My Liking. - BUT, MOTHER *WANTED* to go OUT!

When We had *finally* DEPARTED from MICHAEL'S - [only] - with the 2-CARTLOADS, "DUSK" and FLAKES were upon Us... About 15-Minutes later, *just* after Entering LOBLAWS, Ginormous-FLUFFY-FLAKES were coming DOWN!

An Hour afterward, and I was Brushing-OFF a good 3-Inches of IT from The CAR... And, the ROADS were like Driving on PEANUT-BUTTER! - Managed to get HOME without "Spinning-Out"! By THEN, the PRECIPITATION had subsided for the most part...

However, I still had Road-Poop to remove from My Wheel-Wells before going into the Garage. And, to SHOVEL the Walkway before UN-loading Our BOXING-DAY-BARGAIN-BOOTY. Once done, I was looking at a HALF-Shovelled Laneway...

ohhh...what the hell... I spent the Next Few Minutes Clearing-AWAY the Couple of Inches of FRESH-FLUFF on the remainder of the Driveway. LESS for Me to DO, Tomorrow... *IF* I even "have to"..? - I was "Planning" on doing some LAUNDRY instead. Perhaps, make some *SPACE* for Those BOXES..? And, *STASH* The YARN!

UNTIL Then, IT's LATE-ish and I did *want* to get some STITCHINESS "done"... So, I'm gonna stick "The LID" on THIS and Post IT!


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