Tuesday, December 10, 2013

NO SNOW [that I noticed anyway] + SUN = *SHOP-FARI*!


Which, was Replaced with a VOYAGE to VALUE-VILLAGE... Afterall, I haven't been over There for a while. It was SENIORS'-*20%*-DISCOUNT-DAY, and I still had DAYLIGHT!

Although, I didn't Arrive until AFTER a MILK-RUN to COSTCO and, a "Pop-In" into a Couple of OTHER NEARBY STORES. I also needed to keep My VILLAGE-*PILLAGE* on "Schedule", additional GROCERY-GETTING was *yet* to be had...

ANYHOO... As Expected, the Place was "Picked-OVER" in certain Areas! HOWEVER, I did *manage* to FIND These TWO FABRIC REMNANTS...

From "Fiber-Breakage", the SOLID PIECE could be a COTTON and/or LINEN..? -- I found IT after the OTHER ONE... THEY *must* have come into the Store "together", as the COLOUR-MATCH is just TOO Perfect!

The PATTERNED PIECE looks GREAT on EITHER-SIDE! -- Despite most likely being a SYNTHETIC, I was first drawn to IT by ITS Similarity to some RIBBON that I have a-LOT-of... Secondly, ITS *SOFTNESS* pretty much SOLD Me! But, when I came across the *MATCHING*-SOLID... well... Definitely, a *DONE-DEAL*!!

Afterward, I "Lucked" into a rather Well-Done HAND-KNITTED BUTTONED-VEST for just a FEW Dollars... In WONDERFUL Condition - [doubtful that IT's ever been WORN more than ONCE?] - And the BROWN-GREY-TWEED YARN appears to be *mostly* WOOL!?

Originally, I had IT in Mind for MOTHER - [I did find IT in the "WOMEN'S"-Section...] - but FATHER is the One "in Need" of a *NEW*-One... And, AS it turns out, IT actually *is* a "MAN's" VEST!

So. There's ONE "CHRISTMAS-GIFT" taken care of - that has just SAVED Me WEEKS of STITCHINESS! -- NOW, We just have to get "MR. FUSSY" to WEAR IT!


IT's "official" -- I'm *CURSED*!!
SEE "TOMORROW's" POST to find out "HOW"!!

a *CLUE*... My CAMERA is **TOAST**!! - Literally!


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  1. Oh noooo! Crispy cameras are just no good!

    I'm waiting for my printer to go all crispy on me today. Too much printing, not enough stitching going around here. grr.


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