Friday, December 27, 2013

"..We interrupt This BLOOG-Time...


That *FIRST* "BLACK HAT" has *just* been COMPLETED!!

[INSERT The sound of *Cheering* ELVES! ...from whatever Tropical-BARSTOOL They happen to be perched upon...]

HOWEVER, the "HOUR" is quite LATE! And, I have to be UP in a FEW Hours for SATURDAY-SHOP-FARI-ing, so NO "BABY-PICS" for Tonight! -- Actually, I'll try to do Them in "DAYLIGHT" - IF there *is* ANY - seeing as IT is "BLACK"...

Anyway, TODAY was just a BORING-Minor-Chores-NO-Shovelling Day. But, IT *was* SUNNY for a change! -- [Making a "NOTE" on My Calendar right now...]

okay... Going TO Bed NOW!


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