Friday, August 10, 2012


yeah, I know... IT'S "CONFUSING"! -- THEY HAD *TWO* WEDDINGS! - [SEE 10AUG2010 POST] - *ANY* EXCUSE to "PARTY", huh?!!

Well, IT was WET & not-so-"WILD", Here!! -- ON and OFF SHOWERS all Day!

I know We NEED the RAIN, but still... AFTER a Few Days of DREARINESS & DRIZZLE, I'm beginning to *MISS* "SHINE & BAKE"! -- IT's the DAMPNESS... And, the WATER-DRIPPY-TORTURE-SOUNDS...

Meanwhile, I just took care of CYBER-STUFF, Today. And, did another FLIP-Through of Yesterday's DECOR-MAG...

I'm just "PSYCHING" Myself out for Tomorrow's "4-Hour-25%-Off-Sale" at MICHAEL'S.
- Which, We'll probably just Catch the LAST-15-MINUTES-OF!! -- More RAIN is *also*
on The SCHEDULE, so YARD-SALES will likely be a "NO-GO"...

NOT, that We've *EVER* Let THAT Stop US!! - [INSERT Maniacal Laughter]


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