Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seriously? ON the WINDSHIELD, **WHILE** I'm DRIVING??!!!

**STU-PID** ANT!! -- Where's My WIPER-KNOB..?!

And THUS, was the Beginning of Our SATURDAY-SHOP-FARI... FIRST-STOP, MICHAEL'S, there's that "25%-OFF-Your-Entire-Purchase-SALE" going on until 1:00PM-ish. -- We Arrived with almost a Half-Hour to Spare!

Just WISH that there had been "STUFF-Worth-Getting-That-We-NEEDED"! -- I just got the RIBBONS - [Extras of SOME that I've previously Acquired] - and, only Used ONE of My
"40%-OFF-Coupons" for the YARN.

hmm... Some "Thoughts" just came to Mind on WHAT-to-DO with *that* COLOUR...

We popped over to WALMART next, for some GROCERIES. -- I got the 6mm KNITTING-NEEDLES There. I've been Needing SOME that Size...

Since We were "Close", We headed over to a Certain-Grocery-Store over in Our OLD-NEIGHBOURHOOD. By this Time, I had Noticed that a Couple of those LINGERING-DARK-CLOUDS in the PARTIALLY-SUNNY-HAZY-SKY appeared to be YEARNING to RAIN at *ANY* Time!

We went IN. We Shopped. While at the CHECKOUT, I glanced OUT...

huh. oh, look. "RAINDROPS" on the WINDOW, and on the Cars in the LOT.

IT was a FINE-DRIZZLE-MIST by the Time We LEFT. Lots of Puddles though...
-- Must've have come Down HARD. -- SUNNY again. HUMID!!

We headed for THE MALL, keeping *BEHIND* the Easterly-Moving-*DARK*

Did the "Usual"-TOUR-de-MALL, then HOME... JUST in Time to MISS a Few *more* SHOWERS and "RUMBLES"!!


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