Friday, August 3, 2012

There's a "FULL MOON" Out Tonight, *Isn't* There..?!

yeah. THOUGHT SO!! - Actually, IT was Yesterday... BUT, considering ALL of the STUPID-LITTLE-NIT-PICKY-I'M-NOT-EVEN-GOING-TO-BOTHER-MENTIONING-ANY-OF-THEM-THINGS going on in the "LAST 24" -- well, CLOSE ENOUGH!

Mind You, I *DID* WIN another $7. Tonight! - So, I suppose I shouldn't *really* "complain" too much!

Then again, I did MISS OUT on WINNING $25. on Ticket-Numbers that EXPIRED Yesterday Afternoon!! -- POOH!!

Meanwhile, despite the STOCK-MARKETS being "UP" - [YAY!] - PINTEREST countered by being PAIN-nicky ALL DAY LONG!! - IT *won't* let Me UPLOAD Anything!! STILL!!
-- aarrrggghhhhhh!!!!

BTW, NO Change in the WEATHER, either... Although, I did *smuck* another "SPIDER-SPY" This Evening - We'll see if THAT "Works"... "haha"...

OH!! -- I was just Checking My "STATS"...

At 03:14 GMT 04AUGPAGE-VIEW "10,000" was MADE by "CAROLYN"!!
- [a.k.a. GATE-GIRL] -- I had a Feeling that SHE'd be THE ONE!

Hey, GG?! You do Realize that FAIRY-T will be Totally *MIFFED* when SHE Finds out, right?
AND, that SHE does Excel at "WAND-WHACKING"!?!


just saying...



  1. I hope I hit the 10,000 all legit and stuff! My laptop was being wonky and I couldn't get the page to load, so I had to refresh a couple times.

    That's my story. Sticking to it. (Just in case Fairy-T tries to whomp-whack me!!)

  2. I couldnt find the counter so i didnt know what was going on, grr (hehe)i shall get the next 10.000.


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