Thursday, August 16, 2012

*W-WHAT*..!?! -- ELVIS is **DEAD**??!!

[WHEN the DISCO, did THAT Happen?!!]

FOR REAL?? -- crap!

Soo..? That "STORMTROOPER" at the SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON a Few Years back, *WASN'T* "..the ELVIS, I was looking for..."??!!

huh. -- I kinda thought that RHINESTONED LIGHT-SABER He was Flashing was just a tad on the VEGAS-SIDE...


Man! *WHERE* have I BEEN for the Last 35-Years!!??

OH! - right... Getting MILK at COSTCO and, Cashing-In that "RAIN-Cheque" for *enough* CHEERIOS to last Me *UNTIL* CHRISTMAS!!


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