Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Need To Get Another One of THOSE BAGS...


I'm referring to My Recently Acquired
- [SEE 14JUL2012 POST] - ECKO
"RHINO"-BAG - As I was in NEED of a LIGHT-Weight-Water-PROOF SATCHEL for My Foray to "DOWNTOWN", and IT did - kind of -  "Match" My CHARCOAL-BLACK RAINCOAT!!

Thankfully, IT was slightly COOLER out, so that I *could* Wear the RAINCOAT. - I find UMBRELLAS to be annoyingly "Cumbersome" on BUSES.

Anyway, I ended up Leaving the HOUSE Later than I had Intended to... AGAIN! - Also, had to Walk in the DRIZZLE to the Main Road to Catch the OTHER BUS. Grabbed BUS #2 at THE BIG MALL, with NO Time to "SHOP"!

Once DOWNTOWN, I *was* going to board BUS #3, however, IT was rather OVER-Crowded... And, by then, the COAT was getting a tad Stuffy to Wear any where "INSIDE".
-- I decided to WALK the 7 or so BLOCKS to GET to Where I HAD to BE... Besides, I could do with the "Exercise"!

AS IT TURNED OUT, when I got "THERE", I still had to WAIT for almost a HALF-HOUR! -- So GLAD that I had Brought along My Just-Arrived-In-The-Morning-MAIL-Latest-New-DECOR-MAG that was still nice and DRY in My "Zippered"-RHINO-BAG!!

AFTERWARD, I had just enough Time LEFT on My BUS TRANSFER to get over to The RIDEAU-CENTRE... *TO*, end up BUYING **MORE** ON-SALE-CLOTHES-That-I-DON'T-*Really*-NEED-But...-I-Had-A-"DISCOUNT-Coupon"-About-To-EXPIRE-And-There-Was-An-ADDITIONAL-30%-OFF...

Well... At least the DRIZZLE had Stopped when I *eventually* came OUT to get My Remaining BUSES HOME!

-- oh, Look! I *still* have "Space" in My BAG!


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