Saturday, March 2, 2013

*ESCAPE* Beyond "THE CURB"!! -- oh. And...


IT's still OVERCAST! - But, with the exceptions of a FEW Wayward FLAKES Overnight, there was **NOTHING** "TODAY"!! -- The Temps were just a tad Cooler, too. So, NO "MELT", either!

To MICHAEL'S, we were OFF!! -- I haven't been There in *over* a WEEK! Imagine!! - Though, I am rather p*ssed by the Fact that a Perfectly-Good-*50*%-OFF-COUPON went to WASTE *LAST* Week!! - pooh!

NO matter... We *managed* to "make-up-for-it"... SEE!?!

The RIBBONS were "4 for a DOLLAR"! - At THAT Price, I might actually start USING Them!

...there was This SALE...

MOTHER also got a Bunch of "SHINY-STUFF" for SCRAPBOOKING...

I'm Thinking that Those BIG CLOTHES-PINS could come in Handy during My CRAFT SHOWS..?

These LETTER-HOOKS were also 50-CENTS.

*IF* EVER, I get around to "Building" and/or HAVING a *proper* "SHOWCASE" for My STUFF, THESE will also be quite USEFUL! - So, of course, I Bought ALL of the Ones I could FIND!

I'll "MAKE-UP" Words if I *have* to! -- As You can SEE, I almost broke a few BRAIN-CELLS coming up with This LOT! - That "J" *was* somewhat Problematic...

And, YES... What IS a "VISIT", without *more* YARN..??!!


Almost an Hour LATER, We Decided to "Check-Out" THE-BIG-MALL...

MOTHER hasn't been There for a WHILE. -- Besides, We BOTH wanted to have a Looksee at the *NEW* "JOE FRESH STORE"!!

To be Honest, the FOOTAGE seems to be about the *same* as Their "IN-HOUSE" sections at LOBLAWS. However, the Lower-Ceilings and Spot-Lighting of a "MALL"-Store does give Them a more UP-Scale AMBIENCE...

THE GAP will be getting some *stiff* Competition I Suspect... Although, *not* from Me, as I ended up Purchasing ITEMS from BOTH Stores! -- As if, I NEED *ANY* more!?

HOWEVER... THAT'S *WHAT* happens when I've been held CAPTIVE for SO long *behind* THE CURB!!


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