Friday, March 15, 2013

Still, Just C.H.I.P.-ing Away...


I've got TWO more PANELS per HAT remaining. -- Would have probably had *less*, but there was this *BIT* of SNOW to "Take care of"... Just a Couple of Inches of FLUFF-ON-MELTWATER.

IT was actually *less* Arduous than Expected! - Except, for the Part where the SNOW kept *Annoyingly* STICKING to the SHOVEL!?! At least the TEMPS were WARM. "THEN"... And, The SUN came Out *more* as well. "AFTERWARD"...

TEMPS will be Bouncing back DOWN Tonight. Hopefully, Today's *MELT* will Freeze-DRY..?

We've got SHOP-EDITIONS to do Tomorrow, and I DON'T Feel like doing *any* DEEP-SINKHOLE-*DIVING* into ANY PUDDLE-COVERED-POTHOLES along the Way!!


[C.H.I.P. - "Current HAT In Progress"]

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