Saturday, November 26, 2011

..hmm.. *THAT* went "well"... NOT!!


So. Here's the "SECRET" to CRAFT SALE "SUCCESS" -- *BODIES* - [hopefully, willing to Part with Their Cash] - IN-THE-ROOM!!

Which, is somewhat DIFFICULT to DO, *IF* They *DON'T* Know that said SALE is GOING ON!!

Unlike Previous Years, the SENIORS' HOME couldn't place "SIGNS" out to Advertise the SALE because the CITY-EVIL-BYLAW-GUYS have been on this Fining-Binge! -- THIS *tiny* BAKE/CRAFT SALE *Depends* on WALK-IN Customers! No Signs, NO One knows that there's a Sale going on! And, relying on the Residents'-Visiting-Relatives is pretty much of a Joke! Oh, and the COST of getting a "Permit" for any Signs is too big of a chunk out of what Meager Profits that might be made to Fund the Seniors' Activity Fund...

"TRANSLATION" - I *didn't* Sell a Thing! And, even though, "technically" I didn't have to Pay for My Table because of That - [They charge 15% of Sales] - I still gave Them some Money. -- The Activities-Director is a Long-Time Acquaintance...

Meanwhile, the SALE was suppose to Run until 3:00, however, Everyone started Packing up around 2:00! -- Besides, MOTHER still wanted to do Saturday-Shopping! That, We didn't get to until *after* 3... And, by that Time, I was beginning to get a tad "WASTED"...

FIVE HOURS of uncomfortably sitting in a Not-That-Well-Lit-80F-Stuffy-Reno-Painting-Is-Being-Done-Down-The-Hall-Someone-Is-Wearing-Way-TOO-Much-Bad-Perfume-Area *HAVING* to Listen to Mind-Numbing-Christmas-Radio-Station-Music - [I'm sorry, but "TIM BURTON's" stuff is the ONLY "Holiday Music" that I can stand!!] - and Everyone speaking in the *nasty* Local-French-Dialect - [..despite being able to trace My Maternal-Ancestry back over 300-Years to Earlier QUEBEC-SETTLERS, I still *can't* speak the Language!] - as I observed the "Walkers vs. Wheelchair Wars", whilst awaiting for CUSTOMERS-That-Weren't-Coming DOES take ITS TOLL!!

And THEN, to ADD on "Shopping" until AFTER Behind-Clouds-Sundown..? -- Remember? I'm
"Night-Blind". Having to Drive IN the Dark, NOT-Fun...

Anyway... We eventually ended up at FABRICLAND. And, took it upon Myself to Fabric-Rescue the remaining 1.8M-Bolt of THIS Lovely "Discontinued" GOLD and NAVY COTTON PLAID! Then, found THESE Two .6M RED and BLACK COTTON PLAID Reminant-Bundles.

By this point, I wasn't really Seeing OR, Walking - [bad Back, *BAD* Knee] - in a Straight-Line, so of course, I just HAD to BUY Some!

Another Quickie-Grocery-Stop, then onto THE MALL... More Groceries. MUCH Sanity-Needed-Junk-Food! TOO much WAITING in the Checkout-Line behind the Hey!-EXCUSE-ME-Could-You-Tear-Yourself-AWAY-From-The-Rag-Mag-That-You-Aren't-Buying-Long-Enough-To-UNLOAD-Your-50-Plus-Items-Onto-The-Counter-Because-The-Checkout-Clerk-Is-WAITING-And-MY-*FROZEN*-Food-Is-MELTING!-Woman... Oh. And, maybe Pack Your own Bags, TOO?!

BTW, did I Mention that I DIDN'T Win on the LOTTERY Tonight, either?! -- Pooh!!

BUT, MOTHER *did* Make Me some Dark CHOCOLATE Lava-Cake later!! So, *SOME* Balance to THE UNIVERSE has been Restored!

OH! Before I "Forget"... Heads UP, KIDS!! Tomorrow is ***POST 500 DAY***!!!

No Promises on "how" Epic IT'll be. Just wanted You to be AWARE...


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  1. Sorry to hear the show was a bust! That sucks that they could not advertise it without jumping or wheeling chairs through hoops. I have a show this weekend at one of our assisted living centers, but they were able to advertise. Am hoping for a better show then I had two weeks ago!

    Love the plaids though, and the lava cake sounds delightful.

    I am off to stitch and drink a pot or three of coffee!


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