Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Needed Milk, And To Go HEAD-Hunting...

HONESTLY! *FOR REAL*!! ...And, the Head-Hunting Part is TRUE too!

Okay. So. MOTHER already had this Styrofoam "HEAD" that She had picked up from VALUE VILLAGE a while back. She's been using IT to help "Size" the HATS that She makes... And, got to "thinking" that She could do with a Couple MORE for Our CRAFT SHOW Tables.

Meanwhile, since I've "ventured" into the HAT "KNITTING" Realm, I also got to "thinking" that I could probably do with One as well! That said, I told Her that I would swing by VALUE VILLAGE and take a Looksee before going to COSTCO...

As I was in Search of a "close" Parking Space - since it was Raining - I happened to "notice" Two-Women walking out of the Store with Several HEADS in-hand!

..oh, CRAP! They better NOT have Bought "Them" ALL!!

Alas, I was IN LUCK... THEY were passing near My Car when I was getting out... And, of course, I "asked" THEM... -- Yay! There were still MANY to be HAD! *AND*, apparently, were under the Post-Hallowe'en 75% OFF Sale!!

That put Them at around 75-Cents Each... I bought FIVE. -- Oh, and found a couple of Bags of KROY Sock Yarn for a Few Dollars, too! - [I considered sending You some, FAIRY-T, however, MOTHER snapped IT up..]

Then, with My Bag of HEADS in the Trunk, off I was to COSTCO...

You know, I have to say, I'm seriously *enjoying* Their Freshly-Paved Parking Lot - with the exception of the Idiot-Drivers, of course... Anyway, was only There long enough for a quick Run-Through and Food-Sample-Lunch. -- Still had Stuff-To-DO-Things-To-BUY at THE MALL.

Eventually, arrived Home an Hour later than I would have preferred... There's a LOT yet to be DONE with My CRAFT SHOW PREP!

Tomorrow, I'll have to TUNNEL into THE ROOM to get a Few "Required" Items...

Hope I *remember* and FIND, Everything that I *NEED*!


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