Saturday, November 19, 2011

..wha..?! ..yeah! I'm awake!


So You know, doing CRAFT SHOWS on *?maybe?* 3-Hours of Sleep, NOT Recommended! Once You're Home and all of the "Excitement" is OVER, THE BODY is pretty much ready to just *CRASH & BURN*!

After Dinner, I was all set to DO My Blooging, when The BRAIN decided to give Me a 20-Second Warning that IT was going to "*Shut-Down* for a bit, so get Comfy.." - I ended up NAPPING for over 2-Hours!

I'm still a little "punchy", so THIS will be Brief! -- More Details Tomorrow...

Meanwhile, LONG-STORY-SHORT...
  • Great Weather!
  • Low Attendance because of IT! -- I still don't get "That". When it's Rainy, the LAST thing I want to be doing is Driving ANYwhere!
  • My SALES, half of Last Year's...
  • But, EVERYONE just *Loves* My STUFF!!
  • IF I had a "Nickel" from EVERYONE Who "Petted" My Displayed BLANKETS, I'd have "Made-Table"! -- I need to Start-Up a "Rental" or "Petting-Zoo" for The BABIES!
  • MOTHER made out like a Bandit!!

The FIRST THING EVERYONE SEES, when They come into The MAIN ROOM....



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