Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Gave The ELVES An Extra Day Off...

...HOPE THEY COME BACK..? We still have TWO more CRAFT SALES to DO!

Well... I *think* I've caught up to My Sleep-Quota... Just not certain if The BODY has seen the "Memo" on That, though... At least The BRAIN was Functioning a lot Better than Last Night!

The GOOD NEWS, is that the ARDUOUS PART is *Behind* Me now. The Next 2 VENUES are *very* Small-Scale and only a Couple of Minutes Away! And, I *won't* be HAULING "EVERYTHING" to Them! Nor, will I have to Mad-Dash Prep for Them, either! There're a Few Colours that I might
"Restock" the WASHCLOTH Inventory with - IF - I *want* to... Otherwise, I'm good to GO!


With only a Couple of Hours Sleep in Me - which, I had expected - I was UP Early! As was MOTHER, who was for once, "in sync" with Our Scheduled Departure Time! -- Actually, We managed to Leave about 5-Minutes Earlier! YAY!

Fortuitous for Us, as it happens, because We Arrived just IN-Time to GRAB the ONE Large-Flatbed-Cart BEFORE Anyone Else could!!
-- THAT alone, *saved* Me from MUCH Stress and about 10-Minutes of Unloading Time!!


Of course... WHEN the "DOORS OPENED", I was just Finishing the LAST Touches!

So, here's the "Paradox" with CRAFT SHOWS around These Parts...

I *prefer* nice, DRY, Clear Weather, so that I can Drive and Unload Things "Safely". *Cold* is okay, because I "hope" that IT Entices People to BUY *MY* STUFF..!?

However..."Past" Experience has shown that Attendance Numbers are MUCH Higher on Show-Days
when the WEATHER is absolutely MISERABLE!! - As in RAIN - "Snow" keeps Everyone AT Home!

I mean, really, WHAT'S with THAT??!! -- And, YES. Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL Day...

I ended up doing Less than HALF of What I DID Last Year, although MOTHER, made out like She'd
"Won a Lottery"!! -- I'm GLAD! As for Now, the foreseeable "Topic-of-Complaint" will be "NOT" having ANYthing to Sell at the NEXT Show!

Except for The BLANKETS, EVERYTHING ELSE "Here" was Made by MOTHER. Only a Couple of HATS were Left!

Anyhoo, I did succeed in Making OVER "Table-Costs"! -- Ever, the Basic GOAL at These Things!

And, I really should Look into Renting-Out "BLANKET-PETTING" Privileges! -- I swear, IF My BLANKETS were made of WOOL, They'd be FELTED by Now!!

All-in-All, IT was a LONG DAY! But, *Enjoyable* nevertheless!! -- There were a Few REPEAT CUSTOMERS - *Always* GOOD!! -- Visits from Old Acquaintances. Also, the STUDENT-VOLUNTEERS were *BEYOND* Helpful! - [..a HINT to The ELVES!]

AND, I had the PLEASURE of Teaching a very Sweet-Creatively-Eager-Young-GIRL a few CROCHETING "Tips"!! With Luck, She may be able to Utilize Them even *with* Her Broken Finger!


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  1. I have one small show at the retirement home in a couple of weeks then a really big one at a school...and I've just been told that they've expanded from the gym to the common areas because they've got so many vendors. I thought I was ready for these shows, now I have to rethink!

    Best of luck with your next venues too! Great lookin' stuff!


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