Tuesday, November 22, 2011


TODAY, I DECIDED to combine some *needed* Exercise and Shopping with a WALK over to FUTURE SHOP. As, IT was *NEW* DVD RELEASE DAY!!

WOOHOO!! -- CHECK IT OUT. **CONAN The Barbarian** - [SEE 19AUG2011 POST for Details]

I had been Hoping that IT would Come Out on DVD before Christmas! YAY! -- I've been Viewing IT This Evening whilst Playing around with some KNITTING... Strangely enough, watching JASON MOMOA has often been a Creative *Inspiration* with some of My CROCHET Designs.

Anyway, after a leisurely perusal of the Store, I headed over to THE MALL... Took My Time There too... Still NO Yarn! So, I drowned My "disappointment" with the Purchase of *Munchie* Food, REAL
Food, and dubious LOTTERY Pickings...


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  1. I plan on inspiring myself in the same way later this week!


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