Monday, November 21, 2011

Venturing Into The VILLAGE...

HALF-PRICE DAY at VALUE VILLAGE!! MOTHER *wanted* to be There!!

And, despite the Crispness, IT was a lovely Gorgeous Day! ...Once, One got "past" the Retinal-Damaging-Laser-Blinding-SUNLIGHT! - [..oh, yeah! Definitely a *massive* Hole in the Ozone-Layer floating around *This* Part of The PLANET!]

We eventually got There around 1-ish... Just at the Right Time to FIND Parking! Only stayed about an Hour - had OTHER Stuff to DO! -- Overall, I didn't really See Anything "exciting" in CLOTHING. Neither did MOTHER, who was in Search of Particular Items... We only found One that suited Her Criteria.

As for Myself, I like to scavenge for Things that I can "repurpose"... Or, get "Crafty" with... FOUND THIS STUFF --

[ABOVE] - I believe THIS is LINEN. Heavy with a Loose-Weave. About
2-Yards. - $3. - Would probably make Great little CURTAINS for a Kitchen or Breakfast-Nook Window? Or, even "Summer" Throw-Pillow COVERS.

[LEFT] - Just over a Yard - $2. - Feels like a WOOL GABARDINE..? And, This IS the Actual Shade of Lavender! -- I'm "thinking" about FELTING some of IT... [I'll have to do a Test-Swatch] - Whatever, I'll find SOMEthing to DO with IT!!

For just 50-CENTS, I *couldn't* RESIST THIS Wonderfully-done NEEDLEPOINT CANVAS!!

IT Reminds Me sooo much of CPL.TAT-BABE's "PUPPY-NATOR"! -- Despite being a slightly Different Breed and Colour...

No matter, I'll have to SEARCH My STASH
to see IF I can Find *enough* of the Same Dye Lot of
"Whatever" Colour that will go with This to Finish up the Background.

Another - $2. - Item... I spotted One of Store-Clerks putting THIS - [BELOW] - onto the Racks... GRABBED IT before Anyone Else could! -- HAND-KNITTED, WOOL, COCONUT-Buttons! Child-Size... Would eventually Fit LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED..? -- IT would also be great to Felt, however, being
HAND-done, I'd Feel "Guilty" about "messing" with Someone Else's  Meticulously HARD-WORKED CREATION!

Afterward, We headed over to THE BIG MALL... Had an Errand to run There. It was getting Late, so We only had Time to "Browse" the New "CHRISTMAS" Display at THE BAY. -- They have some really CUTE "Crafty" ORNAMENTS This Year! CHECK Them out!

Then, it was a quick Grocery-Getting Moment, and HOME *before* Sundown!


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