Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Really *Want* To WIN "The SPIDER"!


MOTHER and I headed DOWNTOWN - [via BUS - FREE for "SENIORS" on Wednesdays..] - to The OTTAWA CONVENTION CENTRE for the "29th" SIGNATURES SHOW. IT Started up Yesterday and Continues until Sunday [20th]. Over 200 ARTISANS from across CANADA!


There were Several "Regulars" -- Some that We've gotten to "know" from previous Years and Other Shows. And, quite a few NEW People! -- Have a THOROUGH Look through the SHOW's Site to See Pics of the various Wares...

One of the First
- of Many - Artisans that We spoke with was KIM HENDERSON

However, it wasn't Her Lovely Pottery that attracted My Attention, but Her *new* Line of GLASS FISH!

I love Fish-Things!
And, Glass...

Overall, I found The SHOW to be well-balanced with ITS *VARIETY* of Merchandise. Prices were across the Board... Something for Every "BUDGET"!

We went at a good Time - NO over-whelming Crowds! Although, great for Us, I'm sure The VENDORS are always willing to "put up with" any Increase in Traffic NUMBERS! And, IT's a Pleasant Venue in the Heart of DOWNTOWN. -- We were There for over 3-Hours!

Meanwhile, as much as We both Enjoy seeing ALL of This STUFF, it would have been MUCH more
"convenient" on OUR Current "Schedule" IF IT had been Held NEXT Week! -- I hardly got Anything done Today!

Gonna be a "Mad-Rush" Tomorrow spent on Pre-Show PREP!


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  1. call him herbert thats a nice name for a spider hugs tinkx


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