Monday, November 7, 2011

Still Dealing With...oh, nuts! I forgot about the stuff in the dryer...


Sorry about that... It's Late and if I leave anything IN the Dryer Overnight, IT just gets Cold again... And, there's a Sheet that MOTHER is too Short to Fold on Her own, and will only end up Dropping the Static-Attached Collection of Her Socks... Which, don't seem to match each other... huh. -- I don't think I *want* to "know"!

Right. So. Where was I? Oh, yeah... IT was an absolutely BORING, NON-Eventful Day! During which, I pretty much did as LITTLE as possible! And, a bit of Knitting on The HAT... Ah! AND, The SUN was OUT!

Thankfully, IT was also HAWAII FIVE-0 / CASTLE Night! - Surf. Sand. CUTE GUYS. Mystery. "ELVIS".
...That's about as GOOD as IT got!

I'm just going to Post THIS and get back to piddling with The HAT...


BTW, NO PARTY-ANIMALS were BORED-TO-DEATH in the Recounting of This Day.

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