Friday, November 4, 2011

Pre-FLIGHT Checks

THE "BABIES" and most of THEIR BLING ENTOURAGE have been "Origami-d" into The AIRLOCK... ah, I mean.. THE CAR...

There's still a LOAD of "Other Stuff" yet to DO, however, IT can *WAIT*! -- For now... I'm just going to Re-boot The Brain for a bit. Let the "Neuro"-DUST settle...

[INSERT - *really* horrid Elevator-"Seasonal-Holiday"-Music, because, well...I can! - *MY* Bloog, remember?!]

Okay. I'm back now... "Remaining" STUFF has been sorted out. WHAT can be Done, HAS been!
-- Including, the "Required" Show-Raffle DONATION...

Only a Couple of Bucks to Make, but, IT *does* Look "CUTE"... Yes..?

Well, once I get THIS Post off, I'm OFF to Bed!! -- Have to be UP in a *FEW* Hours!! AARRGGGHHHHH!!


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