Sunday, November 27, 2011

**500th POST**!!

YAY!! WOW! I've actually Accomplished This FEAT for as many Days Straight! -- SCARY, huh?

Actually... probably more of an escalating Case of "O.B.D." - Obsessive BLOOGING Disorder! - I "Talk" a LOT, too...

So... "How" was THIS Day..?

Rather, "Uneventful" as IT turns out. Just Your BASIC Boring-Cloudy-Rainy-Slept-In-*Really*-Late-Did-Laundry-Reading-Catch-Up-Cyber-Stuff-New-DVD-Viewing-Got-The-Urge-To-KNIT-"Something" sort of Sunday... AND then, there's the "Part" where My Internet-Provider is doing Something Screwy and *won't* let Me ONLINE so I can GET This Posted!! - [DUDES! For REAL??!]


You Thought IT would be a Bright-and-Shiny-Nothing-I-Eat-Will-Be-Fattening-LOTTERY-Winning-*ALL*-Is-RIGHT-With-The-WORLD kind of Day??

Ha! yeah... THAT'll *Happen*!! -- just.. Just KEEP Reading The BLOOG, and Look at the Pretty Hand-Dyed Chilean WOOL! ..okay..?



  1. Yay!! 500 posts, that is an accomplishment. :D

    I just revamped my space a little so I can keep myself organized with all of my inspiring bits in one place.

    Loving that yarn, and how dare you learn to knit! We hookers are supposed to stick together and now you've gone off to the dark and pointy side! ~snerks~ seriously though, very pretty!

  2. Love the colour dear, and well done on 500 posts, have you really been moaning that long??hehe hugs tinkx


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