Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh. Great. Like I *don't* have UMPteen Things to DO Tonight!!

GUESS WHO "POPPED" BY..? None Other than SISTER and BIG-D!

... I'd thought that They were coming through Here, Tomorrow? -- Well, apparently *not*! Anyhoo, They were DRIVING through on Their way to Visit with The PRINCESSES. And then, Later in the Week, over to be with CPL. TAT-BABE - Who is EXPECTING *ANY* Time NOW!

Thankfully, They only "Pit-Stopped" for a Half Hour. -- Not that I wasn't "happy" to See Them, however, I had "Tons" to Do in "prep" for Tomorrow's CRAFT SALE over at OGILVY VILLA!

Meanwhile, since The SALE is "Close-By" and SMALL, I'm not bringing ALL of My STUFF. Only the WASHCLOTHS and MOAs. And, a few BLANKETS... Just NOT the Big Racks. I want to cut-down My Set-Up Time for This One.

I *also* NEED to GET to Bed! -- NOW!!


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