Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HOLY Shiny-White-Stuff!!

well. "THAT" WAS FAST... I wish that ALL "ELECTIONS" would go so *well*!!

so. First off... "VIVA LA PAPA"!!

Secondly, despite My *Personal* NON-Religious Beliefs, I do Consider that *overall* - from a current Geo-Socio-Political perspective - that POPE FRANCIS I *is* a GOOD, WORTHY Choice! And, should prove to be an Intriguing Figure on the "GLOBAL-STAGE"!

At the very least, HE appears to be possibly "Influential" with WEATHER..??

Strangely enough, WHEN the "WHITE-SMOKE" appeared, SNOW-PELLETS began to Fall *HERE*. -[IT *hasn't* SNOWED in a couple of WEEKS!] - But THEN, when HE came Out onto "The BALCONY" for THE WORLD to see, *apparently*, the RAIN suddenly STOPPED at THE VATICAN..?? *AS* did Our SNOW! - oh. AND, The SUN came OUT, too!!


Meanwhile, as I spent Time "witnessing" HISTORY-IN-THE-MAKING, "STUFF" that I wanted to *DO* Today, got side-lined once *more*... Except, for the KNITTING, of course! -- I've managed to get past the HALFWAY-MARK... I should be Finished by the Weekend...


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