Sunday, March 17, 2013

HAPPY Wealthy-Mythical-Extremely-Height-Challenged-Mutant-Botanical-Waving-Green-Person DAY!!

OOPS! -- I FORGOT TO WEAR "GREEN" TODAY! -- My IRISH ANCESTORS will be *Haunting* Me for sure Later!

Until THEN, a C.H.I.P.-UPDATE...

ONE of the HATS is actually *FINISHED*!! - However, the OTHER is still shy a Few Rows... I ran OUT of the "CURRANT" Colour that They BOTH share. Will have to go Digging for ANOTHER BALL...

Meanwhile, the Hour is VERY LATE, so *PICS* will have to WAIT until Tomorrow!! -- Some Time...

Otherwise, IT was just the Usual LAUNDRY-DOING SUNDAY... *And*, actually WITH "SUNLIGHT"!! -- hmm... Perhaps there IS *Something* to that "..LUCK of The IRISH.."??


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