Friday, July 5, 2013

oh-kay...THAT *didn't* Work...

huh. YOU'D THINK WITH ALL OF THOSE EARLY EVENING "FLOODING" SHOWERS, that *SOME* of the HUMIDITY would have come off..?? -- The HUMIDEX is *still* 36C!? - what's that about?!


I had *more* GROCERY-GETTING to do during the Day -- seeing as the "Predicted" STORMS were holding OFF... Although, there was that "Spotting" going on as I entered One Store, which apparently turned into a DOWNPOUR *while* I was INside! Then, had ceased by the Time I Left...

Meanwhile, I think I've gotten ENOUGH Groceries so that, We can "Concentrate" on YARD-SALES Tomorrow. -- I saw SIGNS Today for ONE in Our NEIGHBOURHOOD... HOPE that IT turns out as *successful* as Their rather Well-Placed SIGNAGE!

Now, We just have to get UP *EARLY* enough!!


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